About us

In 2005, we (Chip and Alecia Cunningham) started a dry-cleaning company as a franchisee of a well respected organization within the restoration industry, catering to families whose homes had been through some of the worst imaginable disasters – fire, flood, mold, mildew, even sewage backups!! Our expertise in textiles was honed in the dry and wet cleaning of fabrics – making sure the fibers themselves remained intact while our various techniques aggressively removed nasty contaminants.

Starting with a small team in the Maryland area, each year the business grew as did our reach; we added Delaware, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Now we have nearly 50 dedicated employees, most of whom have been with the company for many years.

Over the past decade and a half, Cunningham’s has expanded our repertoire with a full rug washing plant and a full contents processing facility.  The addition of these facilities and services make us one of the very few contractors capable of the in-house handling of ALL personal property.