Moth Repellent

Whether you have an oriental, antique, or heirloom rug Protect it from moth’s so you can get a lifetime of enjoyment from your beautiful investment.

  • Moth damage can quickly destroy the fabric of your rug, especially when the rug is being stored.  Damage can even occur in plain sight, or under large furniture that isn’t accessed often.

  • Dirty rugs are more likely to attract an infestation, so it’s important to clean your rug before applying a moth protection.

  • In order to safe guard your rug and others in our facility, all rugs must be moth protected if Cunningham’s is being asked to store.

  • Remember! Once you see a fling moth, it may be too late. Moths do their damage as larvae, consuming the rug’s wool until it converts to a moth and flies away to lay more eggs.  Repellant can be the difference between a long life and an untimely demise.

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