Rug Process

Cunningham’s has an award-winning sister!  Cunningham’s RugCleaning,net was started in 2012 and has collected Angie’s List Super Server, Best of Baltimore, and a host of additional awards too numerous to list here. The two companies provide a unique convenience for you. Not only can we clean your clothing, but we can Clean your rugs too! We’re the only cleaner in the region with 7 Master Rug Cleaners to its credit, and though rug cleaning can take many forms and may require special handling or portions of our process to be adjusted or omitted entirely, here’s the basic process we use as a starting point:

  1. Dusting – We use an industry-best automated duster to gently and effectively remove lose particles and contaminants from your rug.
  2. Urine Treatment – If required, your rug will be treated for urine and the pH will be stabilized before immersion cleaning.
  3. Immersion Cleaning – Once any pre-cleaning treatments are completed, your rug will be submerged in our Turkish bath and allowed to bathe in a gentle bath of water. While some rugs should NEVER be submerged, most have no problem with it and receive a far superior cleaning to any other method. No abrasive brushes, chemicals or temperatures are used; simply cool water, mild detergents and the hydraulic action of our 1,200 gallon wash tub.
  4. Spotting – Once the rug has completed its bath, we will examine the rug and perform spotting as necessary to complete the cleaning.
  5. Rinsing – One of the most important pieces of equipment we use is our dual-port centrifuge. Few cleaners in the world are lucky enough to possess such a machine, but your rug will be rinsed with cold water and spun at 1,000 revolutions per minute while the remaining soap, contaminants and particles are removed safely, gently and completely!
  6. Drying – your rug will be 98% dry by the time it finishes three minutes in the centrifuge. We will then hang your rug overnight to complete the drying process and verify with a hygrometer that drying is complete. We also test your rug to ensure that no bacteria has been allowed to re-enter your rug during drying, and we’ll happily share these results with you and your family.