Textile Process

The secret to the patented process is in our water! Cunningham’s TextileRestoration.com is the Mid-Atlantic franchise of Evans Garment Restoration. The Evans patented process allows us to Clean your items with the use of a system of high-saturation ozone washing which allows us to deliver dramatically superior results, and deliver those items back to you quickly, when you need them the most.

Evans has set a new standard for the industry with the introduction of “high-saturation ozone washing” systems, which introduce ozone into the wash water. Other ozone washing systems used by many retail dry cleaners inject ozone bubbles into the wash water. This method is only able to attain a 24% ozone saturation rate, which is not effective on smoke odors and can result in free ozone that causes fading of colored items.

Not only is our process far more effective at restoring even heavy smoke damage, it does so very quickly. Our system eliminates the delays and potential damage that are factors when utilizing air ozone systems, all while removing odors and soot simultaneously!

Another major benefit of superior ozone washing systems is the ability to deliver emergency clothes to policyholders the day after the pack out – even when they have been contaminated with heavy smoke. Policyholders have suffered a terrible trauma and being able to be back in their own clothes the very next day imparts a sense of normalcy and gives them confidence that their life will get back on track.

How it works… Learn more about the patented process visit Evans Garment Restoration