Water Damage

When garments, textiles and soft goods are damaged by water, no process is better at removing tough soils and odors like Cunningham’s because (unlike the process of our competitors) our decontamination is a wet process! No waiting around for the items to dry before being places in an ineffective “ozone room”;  Cunningham’s Restores items immediately to ensure there is no further damage.  That can’t be done with the more traditional methods employed by our competitors… even the national “certified” ones.

In the infrequent event of items contaminated by sewage, Cunningham’s recommends replacement of the items that came in direct contact. It’s not that we can’t get them cleaned and restored; it’s just a tough ask to expect the owner to wear (or dress their child) in clothing that has been floating in raw sewage – no matter how successful the treatment!

Occasionally, in situations where of an heirloom, an item with sentimental value, or simply the preference of the owner, Cunningham’s has been asked to restore and return items in a cleaned, “best possible”, even if not fully restored condition.  We’re happy to oblige, but we ask for these requests to be in writing and we cannot offer a refund if the decision is changed after cleaning.