What to Expect

Cunningham’s TextileRestoration.com takes pride in providing the best service possible during your difficult time. Having any type of loss can be challenging and trying on your entire family, and Cunninghams’ staff will help you with courtesy, support, and a smile!

Our claim management staff will contact you to schedule a time to pick up the items affected by your loss. You will be served by the same local team throughout the entire process so you know exactly who to call should you have any questions.

Once we have arrived at your home, our field representative will do a walk through of your home with you, discussing what items are to be taken and which are not. Should there be any items of high value or items with specific concerns you should point these out for notation and proper handling. Our field representative will also review with you our documentation.

We offer emergency clothing to return to you within 24-48 hours. We ask you to separate out 7-10 days’ worth of clothing and necessities for each member of your family including bedding and linens. *Note there are certain things we will not be able to return in the 24-48 turn around. Our field representative will inform you should there be an item we will not be able to complete in 24-48 hours.

Your field representative will pack out all of your belongings and bring them back to our plant. Once at our plant, we will inventory each article, tagging them with your information. Once the inventory has been completed your claim manager will contact you to send you a copy of the inventory for your records. Should you feel there are any discrepancies, please contact your claim manager immediately.
Soon your items will begin the cleaning process. They will be cleaned according to the type and material of each item following its care label and industry standards. We use the safest and most effective methods possible to return your items to “pre-loss” condition.

Once your items have completed the cleaning process your claim manager will contact you to schedule delivery of your items. In the event you are not ready to receive all of your belongings we can provide storage until you’re ready. These items will be stored in our safe, climate controlled, insect-free warehouse.

Unfortunately, even with all of our efforts, there sometimes will be items do not return to pre-loss condition. These items will be returned at your final delivery and labeled as such. There are two categories these items can fall under, “Not Cleanable” or “Unacceptable”.

• Not Cleanable (did not attempt cleaning) – Items too severely damaged that they could not be restored
• Unacceptable – Items we attempted to restore to “pre-loss” condition but were unsuccessful
*Note: Do not bring these items into your home, as they may have residual odor, soot, etc.

A detailed inventory of these items will be provided to both you and your insurance adjuster.